Live Streaming, Streamlined

One Click Streaming • Simultaneous Destinations • Ultra low latency • Free to use

One click live streaming - sleek and simple.

Stream simultaneously to all existing live streaming platforms.

Lower latency and lower bandwidth than existing in market solutions

Cloud based scalability for video and gaming.

Aggregated chat and voice communications.

Proprietary patented technology that cannot be duplicated by competitors

Completely free to use.


Lens Live is streaming simplified. One click live streaming means that setup is practically non-existent. Just choose your video and audio inputs and you are ready to go.


LENS Live incorporates industry leading video encoding technology that is unmatched by competitors. Powered by TORII and the T.264 codec, LENS is able to drastically increase streaming performance without impacting video quality.


Unlike other streaming competing solutions, LENS Live supports Simultaneous streaming. This means, that you can stream to Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube at the same time - without the need for additional programs or subscriptions. Even chats are aggregated into a single feed.